Galvalume Roofing Sheets

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Galvalume (Also known as Zincalume) is an alloy consisting of 55% Aluminium and 43.5% Zinc (by weight). It is special alloy which has been developed after years of research internationally. Steel when coated with Galvalume lasts longer because it get the Barrier Protection of Aluminium and Sacrificial Properties of Zinc.

Corrosion Resistant
High Tempreture Resistant
High Light Reflectivity
Energy Saving

Galvalume Coated steel is used directly for roofing, known as Bare Galvalume Steel Roofing Sheet and when it is paint coated it is known as PPGL Prepainted Steel Roofing Sheets. It is characterised by:

– High Strength Base Steel
– Special Pre-treatment for longer life and paint coating
– Light Weight Coating Galvalume 55% Aluminium Zinc Alloy
– Option of Various Colours / Finishes
– Highly effective in withstanding extreme weather conditions

The product is made of high tensile / strength steel, which after special pre-treatment is coated with Galvalume / Aluminium Zinc alloys having metals like Aluminium (55%) which provides barrier protection to steel and Zinc (43.5%) which has sacrificial properties. After this the product is coated on both the surfaces by primer and paint for superior finish and long life. Various types of paint coating are used under to suit varied industrial requirement .

Types Of Paint:

VXP – Vibrant Exterior Polyester

RMP – Regular Modified Polyester

SMP – Silicon Modified Polyester


SDP – Super Durable Polester


PVDF – Poly Vinyldene Flouride

Types of Profiles

Durakolor Roof
Durakolor Tile
Durakolor 32 / 195
Durakolor Corrugated
Durakolor Round Rib
Durakolor Shakti Plus

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